A full party appearance, by Chris Da Clown, is approx. 4 hours in length. Forty minutes of that is the show, with the time before and after for individual balloon creations. We also provide complimentary  background music for your event and can perform any emcee duties as needed.

            The stage show is the largest, most interactive, clown show in the state. It is a combination of comedy, contests and giant balloon prizes. The balloons are so large that it takes approx. 5 hours of balloon twisting (before we arrive at your event) to make all of the prizes that will be given away in the show. Contestants who do not win the giant balloon prizes win smaller versions, so that no one ever loses. The theme of the show is “As long as you try, you’re always a winner”. It also includes a special balloon for the birthday child, and Chris Da Clown temporary tattoos and stickers for all.

            It is at a cost of $900. A 2 hour appearance (including the show) is $700. We require half down, with the balance due at the event.